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How To Move Around The Fret board

In this third installment of Harp Harmonics ... ... you’re going to be moving around quite a bit. Your fretting hand needs to just know where it’s going without any thought for this lesson to be smooth.

How To Play Barre Chord Sequences

Let’s give the barre chords covered in the previous a lesson a good workout with 3 chord progressions. Work these transitions slow and observe the job of each finger as you move between chords. Barre chord progressions

How To Play Some Dynamic Licks

This is a fun lesson that includes some dynamic licks using the pentatonic scale you just learned. I’ve created these ideas to make you more mobile on the fingerboard and to better visualize these box patterns. In

Play Major Chord Progressions

When you play jazz guitar you have a lot of power to spice up the naturalprogression of the harmony. For the most part when you add chord subs to a song, you keep with the same points

How To Play Chords in D

The most popular chords in the key of D are D, G, and A. You want to memorize this rule and apply the 1-4-5 formula to all keys. This is because you may play in some other

What Are Sixths And How Do I Play Them?

Sixth’s are a form of double stops. The 2nd note is simply 6 degrees higher than the 1st note. This is one of my favorite double stops to apply to my rhythm playing as well as soloing.

Learn To Play Jazz Progressions

If lesson 5 went well for you then you’re ready to tackle what I have for you here. This lesson will take a look at a longer progression and give you the feeling that you’re playing through

How To Play Perfect Sequencing

By now you should have a pretty decent idea of how to create good phrases in your soloing. We’re not done yet! Learning to sequence your ideas is yet another crucial step along the way to better

How To Play Harmonic Minor Scales

This is a very common variation on the minor scale that’s used all the time in every style of music. It’s a minor scale with a raised 7th scale degree. The most common use for this is

Right Hand Technique: Part 3

This lesson focuses on moving your thumb to different strings. You’ll find as you play through a piece of music that you may need to position your thumb and/or fingers on any set of string groupings …

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