How To Play Barre Chord Progressions

Now, let’s put together a few of these barre chords so they sound like music. The progressions you’ll below are typical of what you’ll hear in a folk, rock or singer/songwriter style. Work on the transitions slowly

How To Play Major Barre Chords

Barre chords are one of those hurdles that guitarists need to jump over to get to the other side of their guitar prowess. Barre chords are essential to any guitarists’ arsenal of tools because of their creative

How To Warm Up Your Hands Before Playing

It’s a great idea to warm-up your hands before attempting a focused practice session or even playing through some songs. If you don’t take the time to warm-up your hands you might find yourself getting tight and

How To Play Open Chord Progressions

Chord progressions make up a lot of what we do as acoustic guitarists. In this lesson you’re going to learn 2 chord progressions utilizing chords you already learned in this course. What I really want you to

How To Play Open Minor Chords

Now that you have your major cords under your belt you want to move on to minor chords. Minor chords have a darker quality and some would say they have a “Sad” sound. Learning the minor chords

How To Hold A Guitar Pick

Hold the pick lightly between your thumb and first finger. Too much tension will result in poorer performance and sound. Novice players make this mistake often so be sure not too squeeze the pick too much. Allow

How To Play Open Major Chords

Chords are very important to acoustic guitar playing. Not many instruments can play 2 or more note spontaneously so this makes our musical experience quite unique! Chords are either major or minor in quality. Major chords have

How To Change Between Chords

If you’re new to playing guitar you’re going to run into a few of the same problems that EVERYONE does. One of these problems I’d like to help you with in this lesson: changing chords faster. I’m

How To Tune Your Guitar

You can play all the correct notes using all the correct rhythms and even dial in the exact sounds coming from your amplifier ... ... but if your guitar isn’t in tune you won’t be encouraged by

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