How To Play Chords in D

The most popular chords in the key of D are D, G, and A. You want to memorize this rule and apply the 1-4-5 formula to all keys. This is because you may play in some other

How To Play Chords in G

The most popular chords in G are the G, C and D chords. The same rules apply here as for the Key of C in the previous lesson. Here's an example of what I mean below ...

How To Play Chords in C

A The most popular chords in the key of C are the C, F, and G chords. These chords are called the 1-4-5 chords in C because these are the scale steps that they are built from.

How To Play Major Zone Scales

A lot of Bluegrass is played using open strings in the open zone of the fingerboard, especially when you’re playing rhythm. When you’re soloing or adding phrases between verses of a song you’ll also want to explore

Open Major Scales For Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass music uses a lot of open strings for bass lines as well as chords and lead work. You’re going to need a few major scales under your belt to be comfortable playing in this style! The

How To Master The Art Of Flat Picking

The art of Bluegrass playing lies with the control and precision of flat picking. This is basically controlling the pick to execute lines using downstrokes and upstrokes in a fluid manner. Whether you’re playing bass lines, chords

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