How To Play Some Dynamic Licks

This is a fun lesson that includes some dynamic licks using the pentatonic scale you just learned. I’ve created these ideas to make you more mobile on the fingerboard and to better visualize these box patterns. In

What Are Pentatonic Boxes?

Pentatonics are very popular in Blues soloing and can be applied in many different ways. For the most part you have 2 main pentatonic scales: major and minor. For this lesson we’re looking at the minor variety

How To Play The D Harmonic Minor Scale

This is a unique scale because it’s a variation of a minor scale with a raised 7th scale degree. This creates a different sound because it produces a whole step and a half between the 5th and

How To Play Major 7 Arpeggios

Of course, we know that targeting chord tones is vital to hit the right notes as we’re soloing! In this lesson I’m giving you the power of the major 7 arpeggio. These sound great over any major

How To Play The Famous Bird Blues

You’re probably already very familiar with a traditional 12-bar Blues if you’re reading this. If not, check out a 12-bar Blues format before looking at the Bird Blues. This will give you a little better insight into

How To Play The Major Blues Guitar Scales

Everything we do can be traced back to the major scale. That fact alone is enough to make this lesson important, however there is another reason why you want to check out this lesson. This scale will

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