How To Play Major9 Chords

If you’re looking for chords that sound a little more rich and have a lush quality – look no further. In this lesson you’ll learn the major9 chord. This chord is built from the major7 chord and

How To Play Dominant7 Chords

Dominant7 chords have a unique quality as they’re a mix of the major7 and minor7. The dominant7 chord is built from a major triad but has a 7th note added, which is located a whole step below

How To Play Minor7 Chords

Minor7 voicings give the basic minor triad a little more class by achieving a richer sound. The minor7 chord is based on a minor triad while adding the 7th note a whole step below the root up

How To Play Major7 Chords

Major7 chords have a bright sound as they are based on a major triad. The 7th note is a half step from the root up the octave giving this chord a rich sound. Below you’ll find typical

How To Play Minor Chords

Minor chords are just as important as a foundation as it’s major counterpart. Most chords are built from either a major or minor triad therefore, these shapes are the next crucial step to mastering chords on the

6 Ways To Hold The C Major Chord

Major chords are the foundation for all the chords you’ll learn, therefore it’s imperative that you’re familiar with these basic chord shapes. Most of the lessons in this course will cover 2 types of chords: chords played

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