How To Play Minor Arpeggios

Now that you have a good feel of major arpeggios you’ll want to compliment them with minor arpeggios. If you’re playing over a minor chord or playing through a melody you’ll feel more comfortable understanding the arpeggio

How To Play Major Arpeggios

When you’re playing well constructed melodies chances are you’re playing a lot of chord tones. This means you’re using notes in your melody that are present in the chord you’re playing your over. This makes for a

How To Play Classical Minor Scales

Here are a few more scales to look at of the minor variety. In the world of music you have to dualities: major and minor. Every classical piece you play will be in some form of a

How To Play Open Zone Major Scales

The benefits of learning scales may be obvious for finger conditioning, practicing patterns, learning keys and endurance ... ... but they’re also great for building right hand awareness and dexterity. In this lesson I’m including a few

How To Develop Your Fingers Strength

After Practicing Lesson 1 and feeling more comfortable with your right hand you want to move this lesson. I’m assuming at this point your technique is relaxed and you’re able to play the three exercised in Lesson

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