What Are Double Stops?

Double stops make up a huge part of what country guitar is about. You will hear these in every song on your local country station! So, what is a double stop? Two notes played simultaneously usually with

How To Play Soloing Lines for G7

It’s good to have a few licks memorized in your back pocket for some of the more popular keys and chords used in this style. For example 1, I’m thinking about G Mixolydian as a way to

How To Play A New Country Progression

For the last lesson focusing on chord progressions I’d like to go over a standard Blues progression. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “This is a Country Course! Why am I learning a Blues chord progression?”

Play A Country Chord Progression

Here’s another progression that takes many cues from Country music. This time we’re looking at what may be used in a ballad. The E augmented chord is typically placed prior to the “4” chord for chromatic voice

How To Play A Country Chord Progression

Having a few chord progressions under your belt is a great idea to understand some of the harmony that happens in Country music. The Chords are quite simple and easy to memorize. Take a look at two

How To Play Soloing Lines for A7

For Example 1, I’m using A Mixolydian. Starting with the open G string you can achieve a nice interval jump. Which is cool here because you’re jumping again to the 1st string. A couple muted strings also

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