Finger Picking

Right Hand Technique: Part 3

This lesson focuses on moving your thumb to different strings. You’ll find as you play through a piece of music that you may need to position your thumb and/or fingers on any set of string groupings …

Right Hand Technique: Part 2

After Practicing Lesson 1 and feeling more comfortable with your right hand you want to move this lesson. I’m assuming at this point your technique is relaxed and you’re able to play the three exercised in Lesson

Right Hand Technique: Part 1

To achieve accurate and efficient finger style technique you need to relax your right hand and use minimal motion. Many inexperienced players will move their hand away from the guitar with every stroke of their fingers. This

How To Hold Minor Barre Chords

Let’s continue learning more barre chords that you’ll need to know. In this lesson we’re looking at a couple minor chords that are very important to master. There are only 2 forms covering the root on the

How To Hold The Important Barre Chords

Open chords are obviously very important to finger style guitar playing but you also need to practice barre chords. These chords are used quite often and if you don’t have a lot of experience with barre chords

How To Finger Pick Open Chords

In this lesson I’m going to cover some typical chords you’ll use in fingerstyle guitar. I’m also going to throw in some not so typical chords that sound fresh and inspiring. Don’t worry about using your fingers

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