Play Major Chord Progressions

When you play jazz guitar you have a lot of power to spice up the naturalprogression of the harmony. For the most part when you add chord subs to a song, you keep with the same points

How To Play Altered Chord Voicing’s

Altered chords most commonly occur on dominant chords. The whole idea behind a dominant chord is to provide motion within a chord progression by adding tension and then resolving to a consonant chord. It’s very popular to

How To Play Dominant 7 Chord Voicing’s

Dominant7 chords are very characteristic of the blues and sound great in jazz as well as many other styles. It’s a chord that generally sounds like it needs to resolve to a more consonant sound. The dominant7

Play Minor 7 Flat5 Voicings

If you’re working with a minor key chances are that you’re going to need some minor7b5 chords in your tool belt. The minor7b5 chord is the 2nd chord in a minor key and it usually sets up

How To Play Minor 7 Chord Voicing’s

You also need to have your minor7 voicings down for any given situation as well. Here, we’ll take a look at Large Ensemble and Small Ensemble voicings to fit a particular need. Minor7 chords occur as the

How To Play Major 7 Chord Voicing’s

There are a lot of voicing’s for a major7 chord however ... ... in this lesson I’d like to cover the essential shapes you need to play in any given situation by categorizing these voicing’s into 2

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