How To Play Perfect Sequencing

By now you should have a pretty decent idea of how to create good phrases in your soloing. We’re not done yet! Learning to sequence your ideas is yet another crucial step along the way to better

Common Questions & Answers

I always tell students to listen to a couple people having a conversation and mimic the tonal inflections on their guitar. The best time to do this is while watching a TV show. If you do this

How To Play Single String Strategies

As a guitarist, you spend a lot of time learning horizontal concepts on the fingerboard I.e. scales and arpeggios in specific zones. If you find yourself in a soloing rut why not think vertically? Soloing on one

What Is String Skipping?

You may reach a point in your soloing where you sound as if you’re playing through a scale and you want your leads to sound more melodic with a sense of unpredictability. A great way to add

How To Solo With String Pairs

The art of soloing relies heavily on the ability to convey ideas in a cohesive manner on your guitar. Sometimes, as guitarists it’s very easy to get away from that by playing a bunch of notes that

How To Make People Remember Your Guitar Solos

A concept that is overlooked by every young guitarist venturing into soloing is the “Less is more” approach. A lot of guitarists in their early stages believe that they have to fill every bit of space of

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