How To Play Barre Chord Sequences

Let’s give the barre chords covered in the previous a lesson a good workout with 3 chord progressions. Work these transitions slow and observe the job of each finger as you move between chords. Barre chord progressions

How To Play Barre Chords For Rock Music

Power chords and open chords are all very important however, Rock guitar can’t truly exist without barre chords. These chord forms are based on the open chord shapes but use the first finger as a “barre” to

How To Play Open Chord Sequences

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How To Play Open Chords

Power chords sound best with some overdrive or distortion. Open chords are a bit more versatile in that they sound great clean and with overdrive. They can be strummed on an acoustic guitar or palm muted on

How To Play Rock Power Chord Sequences

It’s time to put these power chords to some use! They’re very easy to master and sound great so I provided 3 examples in this lesson to give you an idea of how to use them. Example

How To Play Rock Power Chords

The power chord is to Rock guitar what strings are to a guitar – the two cannot be separated. It’s an easy chord to play and sounds great with an overdriven sound. It’s what makes up that

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