Chords You Must Know

A course such as this requires you to know a few chords so you can practice all the various strumming techniques in each lesson. Mastery of strumming certainly can’t be realized until you also master a few

How To Play Syncopated Sixteenths

If you’re hearing strumming patterns in your head that we haven’t hit on yet … …you’ll probably find them here. Syncopating sixteenth rhythms is very common and used in many styles of music. The best way to

How To Play Sixteenth Note Strumming Patterns

Sixteenth notes are just 4 note groupings to 1 beat. If you wanted to count them out you would think: 1-ee-and-ah, 2-ee-and-ah. You’ll always want to alternate your strumming hand for the most efficient movement. This lesson will

Take Your Strumming Further

There’s more to strumming eighth notes on the guitar than just straight up and down strokes. To be more versatile and musical with your strumming technique you need to learn how to syncopate your rhythms to fit

How To Add Variety To Your Strumming

This lesson gets a little more to the heart of what strumming is all about. The previous lesson was designed to build on a solid down stroke while achieving a good feel. This lesson is going to

How To Play A Basic Strumming Pattern

The most basic of strumming techniques is the “Quarter note” strum. The first thing you need to do is establish a pulse or beat. You can do this with a metronome. If you do have a metronome

Do You Struggle With Strumming?

Let’s say you can hold some chords and get a clean sound when you strum them. You can also move your fingers efficiently enough to change to other chords with little or no problem. The next step

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