A course such as this requires you to know a few chords so you can practice all the various strumming techniques in each lesson.

Mastery of strumming certainly can’t be realized until you also master a few chords!

Below you’ll find a few major and minor chords that I think you should know to aid you with your strumming. Major Chords

    C           A          G          E          D
E |--0----------0----------3----------0----------2---|
B |--1----------2---------—0----------0----------3---|
G |--0----------2----------0----------1----------2---|
D |--2----------2----------0----------2----------0---|
A |--3----------0----------2----------2--------------|
E |------------------------3----------0--------------|

Minor Chords

     Em         Am       Dm         Fm
E |--0----------0---------1----------1---|
B |--0----------1--------—3----------1---|
G |--0----------2---------2----------1---|
D |--2----------2---------0----------3---|
A |--2----------0------------------------|
E |--0-----------------------------------|

Want To Learn More …

strumming-boxIn depth strumming courses are hard to find and the free lessons available on the topic make you more confused then when you first started.

Learning to strum is a topic that needs structure and be taught in logical steps.  Anyone can learn how to strum on their guitar with our easy system.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or which country you live in.  The course will show you how to strum on your guitar from beginning to end

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