If you’ve taken the online course with Elmore Music to learn the guitar, you’re probably more jubilant now than ever. You’ve always yearned to master an instrument, and now you have. So what’s next? Why not treat yourself to a piece of art that will remind you of your progress and the progress you have yet to make as it comes to your craft?

Your best bet would be to check out an art site like Etsy.com where you can order prints (and in some cases, originals), with or without frames. Imagine having a nice painting of a guitar hanging above your desk or perhaps even in your entry way. It’s a beautiful way to brighten up your space and remind you of your passion.

The other great thing about having art around is that it will inspire you to remember the impact that different art forms have on other artists. So while you’re guitar art puts a smile on your face and adds some color to your place, the person who painted it may have listened to the guitar while creating it.

Music is so powerful that millions of people around the world have committed themselves to mastering a craft. Music motivates people to complete tasks and go about their day, whether they’ve hit a bump in the road or they just need a little encouragement. If playing music is something you’ve always wanted to do but never made the time for, why not now? With Elmore Music being an online class, you can go at your own pace and practice the guitar from the convenience of your own home.

Be a part of the millions of artists that are out there and contribute some beautiful music to the world. You always knew you had it in you, so why not put it to the test?