A guitar chord chart if you’re a beginner is important, especially for your guitar chord finger placement.   Below you’ll find more information about guitar chords including guitar chords chart that you need to know in order to become a better guitarist.
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Guitar chord is essential in learning to play the guitar. The easiest guitar chords to learn on guitar are E Major Chords and A Major Chords.

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E Major Guitar Chord
A Major Guitar Chord

Learn these 2 guitar chords for popular songs. Check out this video on how to play 10 easy guitar songs with just 2 guitar chords.

Refer to Guitar Chords chart above for details …

The most basic guitar chords for beginners to learn are the C A G E D. The CAGED system only works with the standard tuning.

The CAGED system derives from the open chords of C  A  G  E  and D.

Once you learned the CAGED system, it will be very useful to help you find your way around the fretboard.

You can learn the CAGED system in this video under 10 minutes…

The most common and basic guitar chords that you need to learn are:

A  C   D   E  F  G   A7   B7   C7   D7   E7   G7 

Here is the hand placement for guitar chords…

How To Change Between Chords

Refer to guitar chords chart above for more details info…

Here is a guitar chords chart for your reference…

Guitar Chord Chart

Refer to Guitar Chord Chart above!

Learn these guitar chords for beginners if you want to be able to play any famous songs on guitar.

I have listed these basic chords guitar in open chords, minor open chords and barre chords.

Basic Guitar: Major Open Chords

  • A major
  • Cmaj7
  • D major
  • C major
  • E major
  • G major

Basic Guitar: Minor Open Chords

  • A minor
  • D minor
  • E minor

Basic Guitar: Major Guitar Barre Chords

  • A major
  • Ab major
  • Bb major
  • C major
  • C# major
  • D major
  • F major
  • F# major
  • G major

Basic Guitar: Minor Guitar Barre Chords

  • A minor
  • B minor
  • Bb minor
  • C minor
  • C# minor
  • D minor
  • F minor
  • F# minor
  • G minor
  • G# minor

Refer to the note below for guitar chord chart finger placements. This is more guitar chords for beginners printable as it doesn’t include the gull list of the chords.

Guitar Chord Chart
How To Strum The Guitar Easily

Wondering how to play the bass guitar chord? The real fun and challenge of playing a bass guitar is that the patterns of the chords and scales are always the same no matter what musical key you’re playing. Remembering the order of your bass’s musical notes will prepare you to tackle these chords and scales.

Here is a basic bass guitar chord chart for your reference.

bass lessons scales

Also check out the bass guitar lesson on how to play the bass guitar chords.