Have you ever dreamt of playing jazz guitar? If so, you aren’t alone. Many individuals find the gentle yet complex sound of jazz guitar absolutely beautiful. And there’s such a range when it comes to jazz guitar too, such as the jazz guitar styles played before the 1930s, the styles between 1930-1960s, and then of course, fusion jazz.

Jazz guitar is an amazing craft to learn that will help you appreciate the musicians who’ve paved the road to where jazz is now. But before you get ahead of yourself, you have to answer this question: do you feel all the basics down when it comes to guitar? Maybe you used to play a few years ago but you don’t really practice anymore- either way, you need to brush up on your skills. Why not sign up for Elmore Music?

Elmore Music is an online course you can take to work on the basics of guitar so that you’re able to easily learn jazz guitar – from the comfort of your very own home. You can really take your time to master what you may have forgotten so that you are as prepared as you can be to learn jazz.

Jazz guitar is different than rock guitar in many ways, but essentially it’s the chords played that makes it different. Jazz guitar chords are different than rock guitar chords because the chords are not really played in a repetitive rhythmic fashion. Instead, jazz guitar chords consist of “voicings,” which emphasize the 3rd and 7th notes of the chord.

If you need a reference point on where to start listening to some quality jazz guitarists, here’s a list with links that will help you discover more of the music that really speaks to you:

Joe Pass
Pat Metheny
Django Reinhart
Grant Green
Wes Montgomery
Herb Ellis
John McLaughlin