For the Elmore Music Users Only, Get a 20% Discount on the Software
I’ve just come across a great new software product called ‘Guitar Pro 6’.

It’s basically a piece of software that allows you to import tabs (or write your own using the software) and play them out loud.

You then add further instruments & tracks to the mix, adjust the levels, speed and tempo before exporting it as a complete song you can play or share with others.

With this new software, you can …

  • Import tabs or write your own tabs using the software
  • Play the composition you’ve just made at any tempo or speed
  • Add drums, bass guitar, piano, exotic guitars and more instruments
  • Adjust the volume, mix, levels e.t.c.
  • Export your new composition or share with others a complete song

After purchasing a copy myself, I can see there’s a tonne of work gone into making this tool (not to mention a lot of money to develop also).

It’s a great piece of music software because with the thousands of tabs online … you can simply import them and play it directly through this software.

It makes it much easier because you can finally hear the tabs, slow them down, speed it up, add more instruments or separate the tracks, adjust the levels and much … much more!.

The sky is the limit and best of all, it’s not that expensive to buy.

As a subscriber of mine … I have arranged for a 20% discount for you.

Just click the link below and it will automatically be applied …

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