In this lesson I’m going to cover some typical chords you’ll use in fingerstyle guitar.

I’m also going to throw in some not so typical chords that sound fresh and inspiring.

Don’t worry about using your fingers yet – your thumb will do just fine for now.

The purpose here is to get you hearing some different chord voicings and to also give you a sampling of the type of chords you’ll encounter while working in this style of playing.

Most of these chords are used all the time and will probably sound familiar to you.

I encourage you to put these chords together and create chord progressions that sound good. This will also help create smoother transitions from chord to chord. Enjoy!



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fingerpicking-boxFingerpicking is a technique where you can manipulate the strings on your guitar … with great speed, accuracy and most importantly as many strings simultaneously as we want.

That itself can send your head spinning and trying to learn that seems daunting and just too complex before you have even started.

Once you know how to do each individual aspect you can then bring it together and in turn you have learnt to finger pick the easy way!

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