Hold the pick lightly between your thumb and first finger.

Too much tension will result in poorer performance and sound.

Novice players make this mistake often so be sure not too squeeze the pick too much.

Allow a small portion of the pick to be exposed and make contact with the strings.

Too much pick against the strings will produce more friction than needed, meaning less control for your creativity on the fingerboard.

Rest your pick on the 6th string and allow gravity to pull the pick over the string coming to rest on the 5th string. This should be executed in a relaxed manner without any effort to push the pick across the string.

Bring the pick back up across the 6th string allowing the pick to angle downward slightly for a smooth feel.

This is the main reason for not squeezing the pick too tightly. You need to allow for the pick to angle in the direction it’s traveling or it will sound like you’re fighting the strings.

Practice the exercise in the video until you achieve a natural “follow through” from string to string.

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