All the progressions we’ve played to this point have been from major keys. This is the first progression in a minor key.

You’ll hear the difference right away!

This is what we call a 7-6-5-4.

Again, simply using the respective numbers to represent the scale degree the chord is built from.

In this lesson I decided to use two keys: A minor & D minor. I’m also emonstrating 2 ways to play each: open chords and barre chords.

The barre chords are great because you can transpose this progression to any key by simply moving the shapes around the fingerboard.

Example 1:

   Am        G        F       E
E |-0--------3--------1-------0---|
B |-1--------0--------1--—----0---|
G |-2--------0--------2-------1---|
D |-2--------0--------3-------2---|
A |-0--------2----------------2---|
E |----------3----------------0---|

Example 2:

    Am       G       F        E
E |-5--------3-------1--------0----|
B |-5--------3-------1---—----0----|
G |-5--------4-------2--------1----|
D |-7--------5-------3--------2----|
A |-7--------5-------3--------2----|
E |-5--------3-------1--------0----|

Example 3:

   Dm        C         Bb        A
E |-1--------0-------------------0---|
B |-3--------1---------3-—-------2---|
G |-2--------0---------3---------2---|
D |-0--------2---------3---------2---|
A |----------3---------1---------0---|
E |----------------------------------|
    Dm       C        Bb       A
E |-5-----------------6--------5---|
B |-6--------5--------6--—-----5---|
G |-7--------5--------7--------6---|
D |-7--------5--------8--------7---|
A |-5--------3--------8--------7---|
E |-------------------6--------5---|

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