Chord progressions make up everything we do as guitarists.

In fact, harmony (chords) is just as important as the melody to a song.

Chords establish mood and harmonic development and are essential to a guitarist’s vocabulary.

Below are five examples of a 1-4-5 progression.

This means that the chords utilized are the first, fourth, and fifth chords in any respective key.

Here I’m using five popular keys: C, G, D, A, and E

Example 1:

    C        F        G
E |-0--------1--------3---|
B |-1--------1--------0---|
G |-0--------2--------0---|
D |-2--------3--------0---|
A |-3-----------------2---|
E |-------------------3---|

Example 2:

    G        C        D
E |-3--------0--------2---|
B |-0--------1--------3---|
G |-0--------0--------2---|
D |-0--------2--------0---|
A |-2--------3------------|
E |-3---------------------|

Example 3:

    D       G        A
E |-2-------3--------0---|
B |-3-------0--------2---|
G |-2-------0--------2---|
D |-0-------0--------2---|
A |---------2--------0---|
E |---------3------------|

Example 4:

    A        D        E
E |-0--------2--------0---|
B |-2--------3--------0---|
G |-2--------2--------1---|
D |-2--------0--------2---|
A |-0-----------------2---|
E |-------------------0---|

Example 5:

    E        A        B
E |-0--------0--------2---|
B |-0--------2--------4---|
G |-1--------2--------4---|
D |-2--------2--------4---|
A |-2--------0--------2---|
E |-0---------------------|

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