Now, let’s put together a few of these barre chords so they sound like music.

The progressions you’ll below are typical of what you’ll hear in a folk, rock or singer/songwriter style.

Work on the transitions slowly and observe the job each finger has to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

Keeping your fingers close together and touching whenever possible is always a good thing.

You’ll benefit in the way of accuracy and minimized motion, which is the goal.

Progression 1:

    Em      Am       Em     Am      Em
E |--7-------5--------7------5-------7-----|
B |--8-------5--------8------5-------8-----|
G |--9-------5--------9------5-------9-----|
D |--9-------7--------9------7-------9-----|
A |--7-------7--------7------7-------7-----|
E |----------5---------------5-------------|

Progression 2:

     G       C       D       C        G      C        D      C
E |--3--------------------------------3---------------------------|
B |--3-------5-------7-------5--------3-------5-------7-------5---|
G |--4-------5-------7-------5--------4-------5-------7-------5---|
D |--5-------5-------7-------5--------5-------5-------7-------5---|
A |--5-------3-------5-------3--------5-------3-------5-------3---|
E |--3--------------------------------3---------------------------|

Progression 3:

    E        A       D       A        E      A       D       A
E |----------5---------------5---------------5---------------5----|
B |--9-------5-------7-------5--------9------5-------7-------5----|
G |--9-------6-------7-------6--------9------6-------7-------6----|
D |--9-------7-------7-------7--------9------7-------7-------7----|
A |--7-------7-------5-------7--------7------7-------5-------7----|
E |----------5---------------5---------------5---------------5----|

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