The most popular chords in the key of D are D, G, and A.

You want to memorize this rule and apply the 1-4-5 formula to all keys.

This is because you may play in some other keys …

… depending on the vocalist and if you’re playing with other types of instruments like maybe a harmonica.

     D            G            A
E |--2------------3------------0----|
B |--3------------0------------2----|
G |--2------------0------------2----|
D |--0------------0------------2----|
A |---------------2------------0----|
E |---------------3-----------------|

Of course, we need to Add in the Hammer-ons to make the chords sound more authentic to the Bluegrass style.

      D               G               A
E |---0h2-----------------------------0-------------|
B |---3---------------0---------------0h2-----------|
G |---2---------------0---------------2-------------|
D |---0---------------0---------------2-------------|
A |-------------------0h2-------------0-------------|
E |-------------------3-----------------------------|

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bluegrass-boxBluegrass can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Not many other genres of guitar have this much flexibility.

It can be a lot of fun for friends getting together just playing basic chords or a five piece band of jamming talent.

Bluegrass is a type of music that has basically no electric instruments or drums. It excites the listener by emphasizing notes and just plain good old fashioned picking.

If you are already a bluegrass fan, then you know how great it is. It is a lifestyle in itself. It’s fun and has attracted a diverse and loyal following worldwide.

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