Here are a few more scales to look at of the minor variety.

In the world of music you have to dualities: major and minor.

Every classical piece you play will be in some form of a minor or major key therefore, you’ll need a strong foundation of minor and major scales to make more sense of what your playing.

Below will be a few minor scales to compliment lesson 3. Again, feel free to experiment with right hand fingerings to better transition among strings.

Feel free to add dynamics wherever you hear them by applying more pressure to the strings and adding a little bit of velocity to your striking fingers.

E minor:

E |------------------------------------------------0---|
B |--------------------—----------------0--1--3--------|
G |-------------------------------0--2-----------------|
D |---------------------0--2--4------------------------|
A |-----------0--2--3----------------------------------|
E |-0--2--3--------------------------------------------|

G minor:

E |--------------------------------------------1--3---|
B |--------------------—------------1--3--4-----------|
G |------------------------0--2--3--------------------|
D |--------------0--1--3------------------------------|
A |----0--1--3----------------------------------------|
E |-3-------------------------------------------------|

C minor:

E |-----------------------------------------------------------8|
B |-------------------—-------------------------8--10--11------|
G |----------------------------------7--8--10------------------|
D |--------------------------8--10-----------------------------|
A |-------------8--10--11--------------------------------------|
E |8--10--11---------------------------------------------------|

F minor:

E |----------------------------------6--8--9--11--13------|
B |--------------------—--6--8--9-------------------------|
G |--------------5--6--8----------------------------------|
D |----5--6--8--------------------------------------------|
A |-8-----------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------|

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