Dominant7 chords have a unique quality as they’re a mix of the major7 and minor7.

The dominant7 chord is built from a major triad but has a 7th note added, which is located a whole step below the root an octave higher.

These chords are used in many styles of music and some styles like the blues for example, use nothing but dominant7 chords.

Below you’ll find both varieties of large and small shapes to make you a versatile guitarist for any musical setting.

Again, I rely on these shapes often.

The red numbers symbolize the roots of the chords.


E |--5-------------------------------------|
B |--5----------3--------—8---------12-----|
G |--4----------4---------10--------10-----|
D |--3----------3---------9---------12-----|
A |--5--------------------10--------10-----|
E |--3----------3--------------------------|


E |--3----------7----------10----------13---|
B |--3----------6---------—8-----------12---|
G |--4----------7----------10----------12---|
D |--3----------5----------9-----------12---|
A |-----------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------|

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