This is a very common variation on the minor scale that’s used all the time in every style of music.

It’s a minor scale with a raised 7th scale degree.

The most common use for this is to change the 5th chord in a minor key from a minor7 to a dominant7.

This results in a stronger resolution to the tonic chord. The whole/half step pattern for the Harmonic Minor scale is:

W H W W H 1 ½ H

Below you’ll find 4 patterns for the Harmonic Minor scale. Two are located on the 6th string and two are located on the 5th string. These forms will allow you to visualize what notes work together in any given key across the entire range of the fingerboard.

Sixth String Forms

4th finger form:

E |----------------------------------------------4--5--|
B |------------------------------------3--5--6---------|
G |----------------------1--2--4--5--------------------|
D |---------------2--3---------------------------------|
A |-----2--3--5----------------------------------------|
E |--5-------------------------------------------------|

1st finger form:

E |---------------------------------------------4--5--|
B |--------------------------------------5--6---------|
G |----------------------------4--5--7----------------|
D |----------------------6--7-------------------------|
A |------------5--7--8--------------------------------|
E |--5--7--8------------------------------------------|

Fifth String Forms

4th finger form:

E |----------------------------------------------10--12--|
B |----------------------------9--10--12--13-------------|
G |--------------------9--10-----------------------------|
D |-------9--10--12--------------------------------------|
A |--12--------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------|

1st finger form:

E |-------------------------------------------------------12--13--16--17--|
B |----------------------------------------12--13--14---------------------|
G |------------------------------13--14-----------------------------------|
D |----------------12--14--15---------------------------------------------|
A |--12--14--15-----------------------------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|

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