Of course, we know that targeting chord tones is vital to hit the right notes as we’re soloing!

In this lesson I’m giving you the power of the major 7 arpeggio.

These sound great over any major chord and even to define tonal centers as I’ll explain later in the course.

Major 7 arpeggios, just like the chords, contain a major triad. This is the reason you can play these over major chords.

The chord also adds a note seven notes above the root. This 7th note is located a half step below the root up the octave for a bright sound.

Learn these shapes and memorize them so you can visualize these chord tones all over the fingerboard regardless of key.

Sixth String Forms

Amaj7 – 2nd finger form 1st finger form

E |------------------------4--5--------------------------------------9--12--|
B |--------------------5-------------------------------------9--10----------|
G |----------------6----------------------------------6--9------------------|
D |----------6--7------------------------------6--7-------------------------|
A |----4--7---------------------------------7-------------------------------|
E |-5---------------------------------5--9----------------------------------|

Fifth String Forms

Fmaj7 – 4th finger form 1st finger form

E |------------------5--8--------------------------------------12--13--|
B |-----------5--6-----------------------------------10--13------------|
G |-------5----------------------------------9--10---------------------|
D |----7---------------------------------10----------------------------|
A |-8----------------------------8--12---------------------------------|

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