When you’re playing well constructed melodies chances are you’re playing a lot of chord tones.

This means you’re using notes in your melody that are present in the chord you’re playing your over.

This makes for a very powerful melody that can stand on its own and sound great!

The key to applying this concept is knowing your arpeggios!

Arpeggios are just chords but structured in way that you’ll play them like scales!

Below are a couple major arpeggios that will give you a good feel of how they work.

C major:

E |------------------------8---|
B |--------------------8—------|
G |----------------9-----------|
D |------------10--------------|
A |----7--10-------------------|
E |-8--------------------------|

F major:

E |--------------5--8--13----|
B |-----------6---------—----|
G |-------5------------------|
D |----7---------------------|
A |-8------------------------|
E |--------------------------|

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