If you’re looking for chords that sound a little more rich and have a lush quality – look no further.

In this lesson you’ll learn the major9 chord.

This chord is built from the major7 chord and adds a note a whole step above the root an octave higher.

For this reason, there are a lot of chords that don’t contain a root. When the chord is used in context the root is implied and at times is not needed.

If you’re playing with other players they can also cover the root of the chord so the sound isn’t ambiguous.

Below you’ll find both varieties, large and small shapes, for expanding the harmonic possibilities on your guitar. These are voicings I rely on when I need a major9 sound.


E |-----------------------------|
B |--3----------7--------—-10---|
G |--2----------7-----------11--|
D |--4----------5-----------9---|
A |-----------------------------|
E |--3----------7-----------10--|


E |--5---------7----------------------14---|
B |--3---------7----------10----------10---|
G |--4---------7----------11----------12---|
D |--4---------7----------12----------12---|
A |------------10---------10---------------|
E |----------------------------------------|

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