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Open chords are a very versatile component to any Rock guitarist’s toolbox.

These chords can be played on an acoustic or electric guitar either by themselves or layered with power chords to thicken a guitar track part.

Below are a few progressions that will give you a little insight as to how they can be used in a musical context.

Example 1

     D       C        G       C
E |--2-------0--------3-------0---|
B |--3-------1--------0---—---1---|
G |--2-------0--------0-------0---|
D |--0-------2--------0-------2---|
A |----------3--------2-------3---|
E |-------------------3-----------|

Example 2

    Em       C       G      D
E |--0-------0-------3------2---|
B |--0-------1-------0----—-3---|
G |--0-------0-------0------2---|
D |--2-------2-------0------0---|
A |--2-------3-------2----------|
E |--0---------------3----------|

Example 3

    Am     Dm       E
E |---------1-------0----|
B |--1------3-------0----|
G |--2------2-------1----|
D |--2------0-------2----|
A |--0--------------2----|
E |-----------------0----|

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