The power chord is to Rock guitar what strings are to a guitar – the two cannot be separated.

It’s an easy chord to play and sounds great with an overdriven sound.

It’s what makes up that crunchy sound that Rock guitar is known for.

So, what is a power chord? It’s a triad without the 3rd of the chord meaning it only contains two notes – the root and 5th. Because these two notes make up what’s known as a “perfect” interval, it has a very unique and powerful sound.

A “C” power chord or C5 as it’s notated, would consist of “C” & “G”. That’s it!

You can make the chord sound fuller by playing another C or G but it’s just these two different notes that make the chord work.

Below are 4 power chord shapes you’ll want to learn.

    #1       #2       #3       #4
E |———————————–|
B |——————–—————–|
G |—————————–7—–|
D |———–7——–7——–7—–|
A |–7——–7——–5——–5—–|
E |–5——–5———————–|

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