This is a unique scale because it’s a variation of a minor scale with a raised 7th scale degree.

This creates a different sound because it produces a whole step and a half between the 5th and 6th scale degrees.

Let’s have a closer look at how this works:

D minor: D E F G A Bb C

D H.M.: D E F G A Bb C# # 7

This scale will be very important to navigate through the 2nd measure of the Bird Blues.

I’m selecting this particular harmonic minor scale because the chords in the 2nd measure are generated by this scale!

The “2” chord in D Harmonic minor is E minor7 flat5. The “5” chord in this scale is A7 or A7 flat9.

Learn and memorize these forms so you can be free to play these notes anywhere on the fingerboard when you need them. Fifth String Forms

4th finger form

E |-----------------------------------3--5--6---|
B |---------------------2--3--5--6--------------|
G |--------------2--3---------------------------|
D |----2--3--5----------------------------------|
A |-5-------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------|

1st finger form

E |--------------------------------------5--6---|
B |----------------------------5--6--8----------|
G |---------------------6--7--------------------|
D |-----------5--7--8---------------------------|
A |-5--7--8-------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------|

Sixth String Forms

4th finger form

E |-----------------------------------------------------9--10--|
B |----------------------------------------8--10--11-----------|
G |-------------------------6--7--9--10------------------------|
D |------------------7--8--------------------------------------|
A |------7--8--10----------------------------------------------|
E |-10---------------------------------------------------------|

1st finger form

E |---------------------------------------------------------9--10|
B |------------------------------------------------10--11--------|
G |-----------------------------------9--10--12------------------|
D |---------------------------11--12-----------------------------|
A |--------------10--12--13--------------------------------------|
E |10--12--13----------------------------------------------------|

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