Everything we do can be traced back to the major scale.

That fact alone is enough to make this lesson important, however there is another reason why you want to check out this lesson.

This scale will be used quite a bit for soloing over the Bird Blues.

Actually, you can use this scale for soloing over most of the progression! I would call this an important scale!

Again, learn and memorize these major scale forms so you can implement them anywhere on the fingerboard.

You’re going to need to visualize these patterns in many zones on the fingerboard because as you solo you’ll be moving them around.

More on this later – for now, get those fingers moving!

Fifth String Forms

2nd finger form

E |-------------------------------------3--5---|
B |---------------------------3--5--6----------|
G |-----------------2--4--5--------------------|
D |-------2--3--5------------------------------|
A |-3--5---------------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------|

1st finger form

E |-----------------------------------------5--7--8--|
B |-------------------------------5--6--8------------|
G |---------------------4--5--7----------------------|
D |-----------3--5--7--------------------------------|
A |-3--5--7------------------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------------|

Sixth String

2nd finger form

E |----------------------------------------------------7--8--|
B |--------------------------------------------8--10---------|
G |--------------------------------7--9--10------------------|
D |---------------------7--9--10-----------------------------|
A |---------7--8--10-----------------------------------------|
E |-8--10----------------------------------------------------|

1st finger form

E |--------------------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------10--12--13|
G |---------------------------------------9--10--12--------------|
D |--------------------------9--10--12---------------------------|
A |-------------8--10--12----------------------------------------|
E |8--10--12-----------------------------------------------------|

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