You can play all the correct notes using all the correct rhythms and even dial in the exact sounds coming from your amplifier …

… but if your guitar isn’t in tune you won’t be encouraged by the sound you’ll be hearing.

Tuning your guitar is the most basic maintenance you can perform on your guitar and should be done daily and checked frequently.

If you’re having trouble tuning then I would suggest that you purchase a chromatic tuner so that while you’re tuning you can hear what the strings should sound like.

I would also suggest to use the tuner to establish the 6th string “E” and tune the other strings to this using the below technique.

Place a finger on the 6th string, 5th fret and play the 5th string open. These notes should sound the same. If not, tune the 5th string until it sound like the 6th string.

Repeat this process to tune the 4th, 3rd, and 1st string.

To tune the 2nd string, place your finger on the 3rd string, 4th fret and tune the 2nd string to sound identical to the 3rd string.

See the diagram below:

(The string pairings should sound the same)

E |—————————————0—|
B |——————————0—-5——-|
G |———————0—-4—————-|
D |————0—-5————————-|
A |—-0—-5———————————|
E |-5—————————————–|

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