To achieve accurate and efficient finger style technique you need to relax your right hand and use minimal motion.

Many inexperienced players will move their hand away from the guitar with every stroke of their fingers.

This unnecessary hand movement will cause the player to be inaccurate and ineffective.

Position your hand naturally over the strings and allow your fingers to slightly arch.

Assign your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fingers to the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd strings. Your thumb will rest on the 5th string.

Your thumb should be placed in front of your fingers so you have clearance for the follow-through of your technique – your fingers will be placed behind your thumb for this same reason.

The striking surface of your thumb will be on the side. The striking surface of your fingers will be just under the tips on the pads.

The stroke of each finger should follow through in the direction of the palm.

To condition your fingers I included 3 exercises below:


E |------------------------------|
B |------------0--------—--0-----|
G |--------0------------0--------|
D |-----0------------0-----------|
A |--0------------0--------------|
E |------------------------------|


E |----------------------------|
B |-----------0---------—0-----|
G |-----0-----------0----------|
D |--------0-----------0-------|
A |--0-----------0-------------|
E |----------------------------|


E |------------------------------------------------------|
B |---------------0-----—-----------------0--------------|
G |--------0--------0-----0--------0---------0-----0-----|
D |-----0-----0--------0--------0-----0---------0--------|
A |--0------------------------0--------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------|

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fingerpicking-boxFingerpicking is a technique where you can manipulate the strings on your guitar … with great speed, accuracy and most importantly as many strings simultaneously as we want.

That itself can send your head spinning and trying to learn that seems daunting and just too complex before you have even started.

Once you know how to do each individual aspect you can then bring it together and in turn you have learnt to finger pick the easy way!

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