You may reach a point in your soloing where you sound as if you’re playing through a scale and you want your leads to sound more melodic with a sense of unpredictability.

A great way to add a bit of a twist to your soloing is applying string skipping.

This is a very simple concept, yet slightly more demanding for your picking hand because if your picking isn’t accurate this strategy will sound sloppy and ineffective.

The best way to practice your picking is by starting with the 6th string and skip strings slowly toward the 1st string using alternating strokes.

Example 1:

E |------------------10---------------------|
B |------------10--------—10----------------|
G |-------9-------7-----7-------9-----------|
D |---9-----7-----------------7-----9-------|
A |-----7--------------------------7--------|
E |-7-----------------------------------7---|

Here are a couple ideas in E minor that are inspired by the string skipping concept.

Example 2:

E |-------------7--------------------------------------10--------12----14--|
B |-------10-----7--------—----------------10------------------------------|
G |---9------9-------7---7-------------9-------9s11----12s14----12---------|
D |-----7----------9----------------------7--------------------------------|
A |-7-------------------9---7s5---5s7--------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|


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