If lesson 5 went well for you then you’re ready to tackle what I have for you here.

This lesson will take a look at a longer progression and give you the feeling that you’re playing through a chorus of a jazz standard.

You’ll notice after a little analysis that the first progression is in “D” and the second progression is in “Bb”.

To label a numeric system for this sequence it would look like this:

2 – 1 – 4 – 2 of 6 – 5 of 6 – 6 – 5 of 2

Now, let me clear up the confusion…

The first part is simple – it’s simply a 2-5-1-4 in D.

Then, we place ourselves temporarily in “B minor”. So, we call the C# minor7 flat5 a “2 of 6” because in B minor the “C# ” is the “2” chord and of course the F# 7 is “5” of B minor. Since Bm7 is the “6” chord in D we have to call label this section as “2 of 6” & “5 of 6”.

There is also a turnaround using the “5” chord of Em7. This helps to resolve nicely back to the “2” chord and start the progression over again.

I added some variations to the Bb key to add some spice.

Example 1:

   Em7      A7#5    Dmaj9    Gmaj7      C#m7     b5 F#7     Bm7        B7
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-7--------6--------5--—-----3----------5---------2--------3---------4---|
G |-7--------6--------6--------4----------4---------3--------2---------2---|
D |-5--------5--------4--------4----------5---------2--------4---------4---|
A |-7-----------------5-------------------4------------------2---------2---|
E |----------5-----------------3--------------------2----------------------|

Example 2:

   Cm7       F9       Bbmaj7    Ebadd9    Am7b5     D7b9      Gmaj7     G7#5
E |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |-8---------8---------6—--------8----------4--------4---------3--------4-----|
G |-8---------8---------7--------10----------5--------5---------3--------4-----|
D |-8---------7---------7---------8----------5--------4---------3--------3-----|
A |-----------8-------------------6-------------------5------------------------|
E |-8-------------------6--------------------5------------------3--------3-----|

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