This scale has 5 notes. It’s a major scale with the 4th and 7th scale degrees omitted.

This makes it very easy for the beginning and intermediate student to improvise with as the player doesn’t have to be concerned with resolving these notes.

All the notes in this scale work great against any major chord. Major7, Major6, Add2, Major9…it’s all works!

The whole/half step pattern for the Major Pentatonic scale is:

W W 1 ½ W 1 ½

Below you’ll find 4 patterns for the Major Pentatonic scale. These fingerings lay nicely under the fingers.

I think any other patterns are a bit redundant and will not aid to learning your way around the fingerboard with this scale.

Sixth String Forms

4th finger form:

E |-----------------------------------7--10--|
B |---------------------------7--10----------|
G |--------------------7--9------------------|
D |-------------7--9-------------------------|
A |-------7--9-------------------------------|
E |--10--------------------------------------|

2nd finger form:

E |-----------------------------------------------10-|
B |-------------------------------------10--12-------|
G |----------------------------9--11-----------------|
D |--------------------9--12-------------------------|
A |------------9--12---------------------------------|
E |--10--12------------------------------------------|

Fifth String Form

4th finger form:

E |--------------------------2--5--|
B |-------------------3--5---------|
G |------------2--4----------------|
D |-----2--4-----------------------|
A |--5-----------------------------|
E |--------------------------------|

2nd finger form:

E |-----------------------------5--7--|
B |----------------------5--7---------|
G |---------------4--7----------------|
D |--------4--7-----------------------|
A |--5--7-----------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------|

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