How To Move Around The Fret board

In this third installment of Harp Harmonics ... ... you’re going to be moving around quite a bit. Your fretting hand needs to just know where it’s going without any thought for this lesson to be smooth.

How To Incorporate Harp Harmonics

Accuracy is everything when you’re talking about harp harmonics. So, when you’re practicing these next few lessons you’ll want to remember to maintain a relaxed technique so your hand stays in place. It’s very easy to let

Percussive Guitar To A New Level

This lesson will take your percussive guitar playing to a new level. You’ll be playing over top of the fingerboard, using your fretting hand to strike the body of the guitar and using palm and slap techniques.

How To Use Your Knuckles

If you’re new to percussive guitar playing you’ll get a lot out of this lesson. The number one rule I always follow is to let the percussive elements enhance the guitar parts. This means that when I

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