This lesson will take your percussive guitar playing to a new level.

You’ll be playing over top of the fingerboard, using your fretting hand to strike the body of the guitar and using palm and slap techniques.

For this example, you’re going to need a lot of strength in your hammer-on technique to play the first few notes.

Anchoring your thumb on the neck will give you support fro your hammer technique.

As always, the thumb is your foundation…this is no exception.

The first strike is executed by using your fretting hand thumb against the side of the guitar by the heel.

This is a popular technique when playing over the fingerboard.

The quick strikes at the end of the first phrase is achieved with a quick rotation of the wrist.

The first strike is with your thumb above the fingerboard while the second strike is simply your fingertip below the fingerboard.

The end of the second phrase uses the popular palm strike at the bottom of the soundboard followed by a slap under the waist of the body.

Have fun with this lesson and create your own ideas with these techniques to further enhance your songwriting and arrangements.



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