This lesson gets a little more to the heart of what strumming is all about.

The previous lesson was designed to build on a solid down stroke while achieving a good feel.

This lesson is going to incorporate the upstroke as well.

Most of the time this is what you’ll be playing! All of this just means that you’re doubling up on the quarter note.

You’re downstroke is on the beat and there is an evenly placed strum on the upbeat. This is simply your prep stroke to play down again!

Be careful when you play the upstroke. You’ll need to tilt your strumming hand so that your thumb is closer to the strings.

This allows the pick to smoothly pass through the strings without sounding harsh.

This is probably the biggest problem with novice players learning to strum. You also don’t have to play every strum with the same intensity. Feel free to lighten up on some strokes and accent on others.

This will add a variety in dynamics and make your playing sound more natural and relaxed.


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