Guitar Jazz Chords

Have you ever dreamt of playing jazz guitar? If so, you aren’t alone. Many individuals find the gentle yet complex sound of jazz guitar absolutely beautiful. And there’s such a range when it comes to jazz guitar too, such as the jazz guitar styles played before the 1930s, the styles between 1930-1960s, and then of course, fusion jazz.


Guitar Quotes

Looking for some guitar quotes to help motivate you to play? Here are some of the top guitar quotes online, courtesy of Goodreads. Use them for inspiration to play!

“You couldn’t not like someone who liked the guitar.”
― Stephen King, The Stand

“This machine kills fascists.”
― Woody Guthrie

“Reese sucked in a breath and played faster,

Guitar Keychain

With our busy schedules in place, it’s important to find little ways to stay motivated. Are you interested in playing the guitar, but you keep putting it off because of your excuses that you don’t have enough time? Don’t lose site of your passions. Learn to play the guitar as soon as you can! By

Guitar Magazine

Have you ever been interested in playing guitar? If so, you aren’t alone. Lots of people idolize those who play the guitar, simply because it is truly a fantastic instrument. In fact, you won’t find many guitarists that take their craft lightly. They become deeply intrigued by their passion- even doing things like subscribing to

Guitar Player

Learning the guitar is an interest of many, but only seriously pursued by a few.  There’s a reason for this- beginning and sticking to a new craft can be difficult, especially if you tend to have unrealistic expectations. Have you ever wanted to become a guitar player? If so, why not invest in your dream starting

Guitar Songs

Learning to play the guitar can be a wonderful experience. Many people hear guitar solos in songs and then become interested in learning some of these guitar songs themselves. Or sometimes when they’re learning how to play the guitar, they draw their inspiration and motivation from songs that feature the guitar.

No matter what your inspiration

Guitar Stores

Going to a guitar store can be quite the experience. The staff is trained to help answer any questions you may have about honing your craft. And then there’s the fact that you get to meet other musicians roaming around that share your passion for music and can even give you tips or insight you

Guitar Art

If you’ve taken the online course with Elmore Music to learn the guitar, you’re probably more jubilant now than ever. You’ve always yearned to master an instrument, and now you have. So what’s next? Why not treat yourself to a piece of art that will remind you of your progress and the progress you

Guitar Amp

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a guitar player?

Turn that dream into a reality by investing in an online class so that you can learn how to play this beloved instrument in the comfort of your own home.

The great thing about Elmore Music is that you control the pace in which you learn and

Guitar Straps

If you’re interested in playing guitar for the long-term, it may be beneficial for you to invest in a guitar strap.

Guitar straps are a wonderful accessory that help relieve the weight of the guitar from your arm and shoulder so you can simply focus on playing. There are many musicians that play without them,