Let’s continue learning more barre chords that you’ll need to know.

In this lesson we’re looking at a couple minor chords that are very important to master.

There are only 2 forms covering the root on the sixth and fifth string.

Having the knowledge of the barre chords in lessons 2 and 3 is imperative to continue on the road to mastery of finger style guitar.

     Am          Dm
E |--5------------5----|
B |--5------------6----|
G |--5------------7----|
D |--7------------7----|
A |--7------------5----|
E |--5-----------------|

Want To Learn More …

fingerpicking-boxFingerpicking is a technique where you can manipulate the strings on your guitar … with great speed, accuracy and most importantly as many strings simultaneously as we want.

That itself can send your head spinning and trying to learn that seems daunting and just too complex before you have even started.

Once you know how to do each individual aspect you can then bring it together and in turn you have learnt to finger pick the easy way!

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