After Practicing Lesson 1 and feeling more comfortable with your right hand you want to move this lesson.

I’m assuming at this point your technique is relaxed and you’re able to play the three exercised in Lesson 1 with minimal effort and relative ease.

In this lesson, I’m including a few more exercises to further develop your finger independence and agility.

I would also encourage you to go back to the exercises in Lesson 4 and play them with a metronome to master your timing and rhythm.

You also want to strive for consistency of tone and volume among all your fingers now with both lessons.


E |----------------------------------------------------|
B |---------------1-----—------------------1-----------|
G |--------0------------0------------0-----------0-----|
D |--2-------------------------2-----------------------|
A |-----3-----3-----3------3-----3-----3-----3-----3---|
E |----------------------------------------------------|


E |-----------------------------------|
B |----------1------------—-1---------|
G |--0---------------0----------------|
D |------2-------2--------2------2----|
A |--3------3--------3-------3--------|
E |-----------------------------------|


E |-------------------------------------------------------------|
B |----1-----------1---—--------------1------------1------------|
G |------------2-------2-------2---------------2-------2-------2|
D |----------------2-------2------------------------2-------2---|
A |0-------0-----------------------0-------0--------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------|

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