By now you should have a pretty decent idea of how to create good phrases in your soloing.

We’re not done yet! Learning to sequence your ideas is yet another crucial step along the way to better soloing.

Perfect sequencing is repeating a phrase using the same exact rhythm and interval of notes either higher or lower than the original phrase. You can continue playing perfect sequences all over the place if you want!

In this example I’m playing a perfect sequence in E minor.

This is also a great way to work your lines up and down the fingerboard.

E |--------------------------------------------------------|
B |--------------------—-------7h8p7---7—12h13p12-----12---|
G |--------------4h5p4----4----------9-----------------14--|
D |-4h5p4---4----------7-----------------------------------|
A |---------7----------------------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------------------|
E |-14h15p14----14—19h20p19-----19-------------------------|
B |-------------17-------—---------21----------------------|
G |--------------------------------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------------------|

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