This is a fun lesson that includes some dynamic licks using the pentatonic scale you just learned.

I’ve created these ideas to make you more mobile on the fingerboard and to better visualize these box patterns.

In the following examples, I’m taking your fingers on a journey connecting at least 3 of the boxes.

As you learn these patterns feel free to experiment and improvise with them – that’s what they’re there for! Hundreds and hundreds of variations can be manipulated from just one of these examples.

When you feel comfortable with the patterns, work a metronome into your practice routine. Challenge yourself by skipping over zones even and stay in time to the click.

Work on skipping strings and playing box patterns in several zones while
skipping…wow, you can have a lot of fun with this!


E |-------------------------------5------------8-10p8-------|
B |-----------------5--------5-8---8-5-8s10----------10-----|
G |--5p2---2-5s7---5----5-----------------------------------|
D |-------5-------------5-----------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------------|


E |--3-------------3s5-------------5s8-----------------8s10----|
B |----5p3---3h5-----8p5---5h8------10p8---8h10----------------|
G |---------5---------------7------------------9---------------|
D |------------------------------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------------|

E |-----------------------10s12-------------------------------|
B |--13p10-----10h13---------15p13----13--15--15b17-----------|
G |----------12-------------------------14--------------------|
D |-----------------------------------------------------------|
A |-----------------------------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------|


E |-----------------------------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------------------------|
G |-14p12----12-----------------------------------------------|
D |---------14----14p12-14s12p10-12p10----10------------------|
A |--------------------------------------------12-----12p10-12|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------|

E |-------------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------------------|
D |-7p5---5-----------------------------------|
A |------7---7p5-7s5p3-5p3---3----------------|
E |-----------------------------5---5p3-5-----|

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