Right hand technique is very important to achieve mastery of classical guitar.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your hand relaxed and as still as possible while striking the strings with your fingers by moving them mainly at the middle knuckle with a relaxed motion.

Your thumb should be placed in front of your fingers so you have clearance for the follow-through of your technique – your fingers will be placed behind your thumb for this same reason.

The striking surface of your thumb will be on the side. The striking surface of your fingers will be just under the tips on the pads. The stroke of each finger should follow through in the direction of the palm.

To condition your fingers I included 2 exercises below:


E |------------------0--------------------0---|
B |-------------0-------—-----------0---------|
G |-------0--------------------0--------------|
D |-------------------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------------------|
E |--0--------------------0-------------------|


E |-----------------0--------------------0---|
B |-------0-------------—----0---------------|
G |------------0-------------------0---------|
D |------------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------------|
E |--0-------------------0-------------------|

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