Minor7 voicings give the basic minor triad a little more class by achieving a richer sound.

The minor7 chord is based on a minor triad while adding the 7th note a whole step below the root up the octave.

Below I’m including the most popular chords in the larger and smaller variety.

I use these chords a lot and they sound great. Again, the red numbers symbolize root notes. Roots occur in most of these shapes except one.

Gm7 Dm7

E |--3---------------------5----------------|
B |--3---------3-----------6----------3-----|
G |--3---------3-----------5----------5-----|
D |--3---------3-----------7----------3-----|
A |--5---------------------5----------5-----|
E |--3---------3----------------------------|


E |--3----------6----------10----------13---|
B |--3----------6---------—11----------11---|
G |--3----------7----------10----------12---|
D |--3----------5----------12----------12---|
A |-----------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------|

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